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Mental Wellness Campaign

Oxnard Chapter 

The Problem

Mental health has always been an issue in our communities, but due to Covid-19 it was exacerbated. In 2020, as part of their Mental Health Campaign students surveyed students in the OUHSD about their experiences accessing mental health resources.

Through this survey, they found students faced a lack of resources for mental health and the challenges that came with distance learning, a lack of support from teachers, and existing stigma about mental health in our community.

future leaders youth painting mental health mural

The Result

fla youth painting mural oxnard min
After 1 year of research, mental health presentations, public comments at school board meetings, creating a mental health resolution for the District, and meetings with District officials, the OUHSD passed a Mental Health and Awareness Resolution aimed at increasing access and resources for mental health services to students.

Additionally, FLA students tackled the stigma associated with mental health in their community by partnering with La Colonia Youth Mural Project to embark on a youth-led mural installation. 

Youth and other local volunteer artists dedicated over 2,000 hours to develop a 79 ft long mural located by 201 Carmelita Court next to Del Sol Park, and includes not only imagery promoting mental wellness, but, thanks to the support of Ventura County Behavioral Health, we were granted permission to include their resource/crisis hotline and the National Suicide Hotline.

On June 11th, 2022 a mural reveal and mental health resource fair took place to showcase the Mental Health and Awareness Mural of Oxnard.

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