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Organizing and Advocacy

Youth-Led Policy Initiatives

Tobacco Prevention

Vaping has become the gateway for tobacco use among the current student population. Flavors smell and taste like candy making them attractive for youth and have become a real public health danger–FLA is committed to restricting the sales of flavored tobacco.

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Youth Wellness Coalition

The Youth Wellness Coalition (YWC) is a group of community members who advocate for safe, healthy, and prosperous communities for all youth. YWC’s work revolves around education and prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in Santa Barbara.

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Mental Health

FLA Youth advocated for the successful passage of a “Mental Health Resolution” at Oxnard Union High School District that de-stigmatized mental health, increased mental health services, promoted the services widely, integrated mental health into the 9th grade health curriculum, and eliminated penalties for those who seek services.

Men's Retreat

The Men’s Retreat is an initiative to combat persistent opportunity gaps faced by young men of color and ensure that all young people achieve their full potential. Through this program, young men of color will learn more about their cultural background, networking, gain valuable skills, and mentorship.

Second Hand Smoking in Multi-Unit-Housing

Each year an estimated 28 million Multi-Unit Housing Residents are exposed to secondhand in their unit or apartment, they come through neighboring walls, ventilation systems, electric lines, and plumbing. This issue disproportionately affects BIPOC community members that are of low-incomes.

A-G For All

Everyone deserves the right to pursue higher education! The “A-G for All” campaign ensures that the high school graduation curriculum aligns with the A-G requirements to increase access to higher education for BIPOC youth and eliminate the achievement gap..

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State of BIPOC Survey

The State of BIPOC Youth Survey aims to document assets and needs among high-school-age youth throughout the Central Coast, including Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Monterey Counties. The survey findings will help inform future policies regarding education equity, health equity, and system impacted youth..

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Mental Wellness Campaign

After 1 year of research and organizing, the OUHSD passed a Mental Health and Awareness Resolution to increase access and resources for mental health services to students.
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FLA Wins

Housing Security

Families in our communities were at risk of being evicted during the pandemic. FLA participated in an in-car protest in front of the City Council office and were successful in acquiring the strongest eviction moratoriums in County Santa Barbara County for Santa Maria residents.

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Civic Engagement

FLA in partnership with Power California (POCA) launched a voter registration drive to increase youth and BIPOC voter engagement. FLA has contacted 21,000 registered voters since 2018 to encourage civic participation. .

Safe Zones

FLA Youth helped pass “Safe Zones” policies in Santa Barbara and Oxnard. The “Safe Zone” policy ensured that all youth were protected from harassment from Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE) thereby ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our community members.

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Vaccine Equity

The Pandemic disproportionately impacted Latino and Indigenous communities the hardest. It was critical for underserved communities to received important factual information and support for vaccine registration in a timely manner. FLA youth contacted 38,000 individuals, reached 6,771 individuals, and went door to door at 1,053 houses to promote vaccine registration in Santa Barbara County.