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FLA Theory of Change

FLA seeks to develop youth resiliency and leadership to create long-lasting systemic change by empowering and mobilizing youth leaders to advocate for policies that improve their lives and the lives of their peers in the Central Coast.

Future Leaders of America

Build Youth Resiliency and Leadereship

FLA seeks to build youth resiliency and leadership through culturally proficient programming that engages youth in public speaking, facilitation, goal-setting, and assertiveness and includes a peer-to-peer leadership model.

Mobilize Youth Leaders to Build Resilient Communities

Through year-round programming, FLA youth are supported in dissecting community issues affecting their lives. Youth are also given advocacy skills to mobilize and address the social ills affecting the Central Coast. Through these grassroots campaigns, youth become agents of social change.


Leverage Youth Leadership

FLA’s unique programming creates a culture of resiliency, accountability, and investment, which is leveraged for a growing effort in long-term organizational sustainability and broader social impact through continued community engagement, mobilization, and advocacy.

Future Leaders of America (FLA) – Youth Development Survey Results (Summer 2020)

Future Leaders of America (FLA) – Youth Development Survey Results (Summer 2020)

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