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Our Efforts in Port Hueneme

Youth from Port Hueneme and South Oxnard are continuing to promote awareness about the health impacts of the vaping epidemic that is affecting people across the country but especially youth of color. They are also working on an advocacy and awareness campaign in aim to create smoke-free multi-unit housing communities which means smoke-free outdoor spaces in apartment complexes with smoke-free outdoor spaces.
At the beginning of this year, Port Hueneme City Council voted to move forward with enacting a Tobacco Retail Licensing (TRL) Program, which added itself to the list of cities in the county to regulate the sale of tobacco products. The Port Hueneme City Council has demonstrated a step in the right direction with the TRL policy, but the students continue to work in their local community to bring change and continue pushing for a complete flavor ban in the City of Port Hueneme. They are also working on collecting petitions and educating the city council and the community on the health impacts of second-hand smoke.

Our Efforts in Carpinteria

The youth of Carpinteria continue to do anti-tobacco and vaping education and advocacy in the city. Given that our youth, as well as vulnerable populations, are the main targets of big tobacco companies. Last year, the city of Carpinteria enacted an emergency flavored tobacco/ electronic devices moratorium. Following this, the city has been very proactive in implementing the ban in their local stores. However, the youth still see a need for a permanent ban as well as the proper language to be addressed in the city’s TRL.

We are now moving forward in making sure that our city’s TRL includes the right language to encompass electronic smoking in all smoke-free areas in Carpinteria. In our efforts to keep our community involved, we are currently using our Instagram and Facebook to deliver educational and informative material. Some of the activities the students will be engaging in for the months to follow include an educational photovoice campaign, writing letters to the editor, giving public comment, facilitating presentations, as well as a community forum scheduled for the Spring of 2024.
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