Youth Leadership Conference

Our work with the youth begins during the summer Youth Leadership Conference, where students from across the central coast are able to develop leadership skills in a safe and supportive environment. This 6 day residential experience takes place locally in the Santa Barbara Mountains and hosts 100 participants as well as 30+ volunteer staff members. Throughout the week, youth participants are introduced to the building blocks of leadership: public speaking, goal setting, assertiveness, advocacy and self-esteem. Students also have the opportunity to map out their 4-year plan to get to college and are challenged to practice advocating for their educational needs. Youth have the opportunity to express themselves through cultural activities and empowerment workshops. For many of the students, attending this camp is their first time away from home which in itself presents a challenge to many Latino youth. We want to make sure that all youth regardless of background challenge themselves to achieve their full potential through safe and positive self development experiences. The FLA way is unique, through our peer-to-peer model youth are able to learn from one another and in turn empower themselves and their community. Once students complete the Youth Leadership Conference, they have the opportunity to continue building their leadership skills through our year round program and volunteer trainings. Students are able to give back to their community by becoming mentors for future generations of FLA’ers.

Students are invited to participate in this program the summer after they complete the 8th grade. The application process runs from February – April with admissions decisions going out in early May. Our application seeks to mirror scholarship and university admissions applications by requiring youth to submit a personal statement, transcript and letter of recommendation.

University Seminars

We believe education can serve as a tool for empowerment and social mobility. FLA University Seminars take place twice a year and cater to the needs of students and families who would otherwise not have access to exploring options in higher education. Through these seminars, students are able to explore university campuses, learn about admissions requirements, financial aid options, student life and career opportunities. University Seminars include workshops for parents and youth in order to strengthen a family’s understanding of the college going process and create a solid transition from high school to college. It is our goal to expose students to new and diverse campuses across the state of California, some of our recent University Seminars include: Cal State Northridge, Cal State Channel Islands, Stanford, University of California Berkeley, University of California Los Angeles and the University of California Santa Barbara.

Family Leadership Conference

Future Leaders of America is aware that there are many circumstances that keep Latino families from accessing higher education. Through our Family Leadership Conference FLA youth and parents are given the opportunity to learn about the importance of higher education, being an advocate for your children and building positive family communication. This three day weekend experience is hosted locally in the Santa Barbara Mountains and hosts children, students parents and grandparents with childcare available throughout the entire weekend. This conference is completely in Spanish and seeks to build bridges between the Latino community and the educational system in the United States. Themes for the weekend include mental health & wellbeing, communication, community engagement, college admissions, funding higher education, self esteem and cultural activities.

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